Tarot as a tool in chaotic modern times

February 11, 2017



We are living in turbulent and highly complex times. People juggle the demands of modern life: work, building a career, a happy family, socializing, impressing the right people, eating right, getting enough exercise, having loving intimate relationships with our partners and so on. But, add to this an accelerating technological age where we are bombarded by the always connected stream of instant messaging, social media, advertisements and news, all of it important at this very second! It seems like we are manically juggling more balls faster and faster all the time. As a result, many of us simply live on auto pilot, no longer knowing who we are or where we are going. Our goals, aims, hopes and dreams all too easily slip away under the difficulties of just getting by.


Within the midst of this many people are seeking to connect with wisdom, a way to recover our hopes and dreams to lead rich and fulfilling lives within the chaos that surrounds us. People are looking for ways to empower themselves with self-knowledge so they can understand the obstacles that they are facing and make the right choices for themselves. Tarot reading is a tool that grants us such wisdom. It gives us a means to understand ourselves and the patterns of our lives so that we can make the best choices possible. Having a tarot reading lets us reflect and take time for ourselves to refocus and re-centre, even if just for an hour. It shows us things about ourselves and our lives that we have forgotten or overlooked, often lost amidst the complexity of modern life. Better yet, unlike a guru or leader of a cult, tarot readers won’t tell you what to do. Instead, we provide the perspective, tools and information for you to truly see yourself for who you are, who you want to be and how you might get there.Tarot gives us a chance to see things from a fresh perspective. It opens our eyes to beneficial influences that have always been there, sometimes we just get so caught up that we miss the forest through the trees. When we feel frustrated or faced with obstacles or negatives we can use it as a way to see these things as challenges on our path.


Tarot is most effective when we see it as a tool for self-knowledge and personal development. It can help us, heal us and offer us great wisdom. I love seeing the transformation people undergo when they gain a deeper understanding of themselves. That moment when they realize that our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. When they see the future is not set, that it is our choices that create the future. I love witnessing people’s self-empowerment, their commitment to confront hard issues and embrace change. I feel honoured to create sacred space for people who come to seek the wisdom of the tarot and I am looking forward to an unfolding future of working with more people who live in alignment with their deepest purpose.




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