Integrating the Pisces new moon with the Tarot

March 1, 2017


The new moon in Pisces and the latest eclipse have unleashed transformative energies allowing deep release and freedom from old patterns. To help work with these energies post eclipse the tarot offers us wisdom on the beneficial energies that are available. To draw this out I’ve drawn three cards, the Six of Swords, the Nine of Swords and The World. Together they offer a message that we are supported to let go of our past, recognize limiting thoughts and manifest our dreams into the world.

A great way of integrating these energies is by creating affirmations. You can use these to actualize what you wish to release and transform through the month ahead.  Affirmations always need to be stated in the positive present tense and when we regularly speak them aloud we create new patterns of thought and feelings. To really help with the releasing work of this new moon you could try one or all of these or better yet create your own.



The Six of Swords shows us lessons of moving on from pain and difficulty to a new and better future. In the Rider Waite tarot a mother and child sit together in a boat which is being rowed away from unsettled waters to a new place. The six swords in the boat are symbolic of troubles one has carried on their journey, perhaps they weighing the boat down and preventing a easier passage toward a new life? Take this time to reflect on painful memories and feelings that you have carried with you so you can release them however there is no need to carry your worries with you anymore. Simply worrying about our problems weighs us down, saps our energy and doesn’t allow us to move forward. Here are some simple affirmations you can try;


I let go of the past, I embrace a positive future


I release pain and struggle, I release all tension and worry


The Eight of Swords in the Rider Waite deck often appears when a person feels they are in a situation where they are being victimized by other people or things feel out of control. The hands are bound behind the back indicate an inability to take action, a lack of freedom. The blindfold shows there is a feeling of not being able to see our options.  Difficult emotional states and thought patterns are keeping a person inside a prison where they feel they cannot escape. At this time what this card is telling us that our feelings are an illusion of the mind. To embrace the beneficial energy of this card we need to work on releasing these thought patterns and claim our power. Here are some affirmations you could try to help with this;


I free myself from limiting thoughts, I embrace a new way of seeing and being


I am empowered to make choices in my life that set me free from the past



The World card is all about embracing ourselves as healed and whole. It is a card of completion and integration.  When we are able to deeply and completely accept ourselves, releasing old patters of thinking as we saw in the preceding cards we are able to manifest our energy in the world. We can make our dreams a reality. A great way to embrace this energy is by celebrating your achievements and the good things that are in your life. Take time to give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have achieved in your life thus far. To empower your future visualize the life you are creating in with a deep knowing that you can manifest your dream life in the world. You can add to your visualizations these affirmations or even better make up your  own;


I am healed and whole, I deeply and completely accept myself


My life  is filled with success and abundance, I celebrate my life with joy 


I hope these insights prove useful over the coming weeks and months as we all integrate this powerful work of deep release and freedom. If you are interested in drawing on the wisdom of the Tarot for your own individual journey in this work I'd love to hear from you!



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