Setting Intentions with the Tarot

March 27, 2017


Tarot is much more than fortune telling and crystal ball gazing. Tarot is a powerful tool to help us set intentions and draw on beneficial energies to help us live our life purpose. .Intentions are more than simply wishes or goals. They are empowered affirmations of our self fulfillment. They are conscious acts that combine will, imagination, concrete actions and changes in our emotional and mental attitudes that support us to live our lives in alignment with our hearts desires. The new moon is a great time to set intentions for the month ahead, as the moon grows in size and power we can tune into its energies to bring our desires and dreams into manifestation. So lets take a look at how we can do this with the Tarot. 


A simple way we can do this is by picking a card that matches our intention. This could be anything from attracting new love into your life, starting a new career or bringing more prosperity into your world. Pair this with a positive affirmation of your intention, stating your desired outcome as if it has already happened and you have a focal point to work with each day until you create what you want. You can put the card in place where you will see it each day, like your mirror , your wallet,  your desk or even tacked to your computer so each day you will see the image, be inspired and support this by stating the affirmation to attract the energy you want into your life. The  image and the affirmation together work to hold and and then release your intention into the world to draw the energetic support you require to manifest what you desire.  


If you want to take this a step further you can work with several cards to strengthen your intention as is suggested by Christine Jette's book "Professional Tarot" . By working with The magician, The Emperor, The Star and the World cards we can create a more powerful intentional process so we can supercharge our desires and bring them into reality. 


The Magician is all about manifestation, he represents the focused will  combined with imagination that can bring about what we want in alignment with the laws of nature. Connect with this card by writing out your intention as clearly and positively as possible. Use your imagination to visualize  what you want coming into being , making the image as detailed as you can. So if your desire is to welcome love into your life see yourself being in love, see yourself  in a loving relationship and open yourself to the universal energies that are available. 


The Emperor is all about getting things in order, setting goals to achieve an outcome. You aren't going to find a new lover by sitting on the couch or build a new career just waiting around for someone to offer you your next opportunity. Use the power of the Emperor to take action, to write lists, make plans, break down your ideal into practical achievable goals. Big goals can be overwhelming, leading us to inaction or feeling out of touch with reality as it is right now so breaking things down into smaller bite size chunks can help you take steps toward your what you want to see happening in your life, one step at a time. So if  you want a new career for example write down all your interests, current skills and hobbies to help you think about  a new area you could apply these to. Write a list of all the different businesses you might like to work for and make a commitment to contact them, even if you break it down to one a week. Start a schedule, cross things off your list as you go and give yourself achievable goals to work towards. If its a new lover you want create lists of  the character traits of your ideal partner, things you would enjoy doing together and start making a schedule of new activities to do to help you meet new people. Set goals of ways to branch out and open up to exciting possibilities one step at a time.


The Star is all about hope , inspiration and being guided by our deep intuition toward the fulfillment of our dreams. You know that old saying said when we see the first star of the evening "wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight" this is all about putting it out there into the universe that this is something I really want. When we trust in hope and faith help can come from unexpected places. But more than this when we reach out genuinely we find ourselves being guided towards opportunities. Like the star that once offered guidance to sailors at sea the Star card can help us see things in a new light, draw us towards our hopes and dreams and offer spiritual support to achieve what we want. To help connect with The Star allow yourself to follow you inner guidance that is a gift from spirit. When we approach the world with a knowing that we are guided by spirit there is no need for you to dismiss that gut feeling, those chance meetings, those strange happenings. You can trust that your intuition is aligned with your intention and is guiding you toward your goals in ways that are sometimes mysterious and magickal. Say to yourself "I trust myself, I trust the universe will help me fulfill my dreams" 


The World card is all about fulfillment and integration. It is a reminder that what we create in our inner world radiates outwards, reflecting into the world around us. Like attracts like. . Connect with this card by assuming the mental and emotional attitude of one whose life has been changed by their desire being fulfilled. Its a kind of fake it till you make it approach. Ask yourself "how would I think and feel with my desires being fulfilled?" and then take this attitude out into the world with you each day. You might wish to carry The World card with you to help you embody the freedom it represents, or perhaps a special stone or piece of jewelry that can help you connect with your self confidence. 


May this new moon in Aries help you to catalyze the energy you need to live your life with powerful purpose.  



















































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