Asking the right questions to reveal the right answers- The art of approaching the oracle

May 24, 2017


To get the best out of the Tarot we need to ask the right questions. But fear not, the key to the tarot is not in ancient riddles, secret rhymes or special phrases spoken in spooky tones for dramatic effect. The key to asking the right questions is actually really simple. Be open to the wisdom you are asking to receive. Here are some surefire tips for getting the most out of any tarot reading. 


Surefire Tip #1 Yes or No:No Go 

Lets face it, no one likes to be told no. If you come for a reading and ask the tarot questions like will I Ever fall in love or Will I Ever be wealthy or famous and the answer you are a given is a loud and clear resounding NO you are going to leave the session pretty miserable. That is unless your tarot reader is an amazing therapist or a Zen master who can help you to realize that true happiness is found within. If we ask the tarot black and white questions we can only expect black and white answers. There is so much more we can get out of the the tarot if we practice opening our questions up we get a whole lot more options.


So instead of asking Will I ever fall in love which gives us a simple yes or no we can ask more complex questions that open us to deeper wisdom. What are the best qualities I can bring to a romantic relationship, what qualities within me are forming obstacles for starting a romantic relationship? How do I need to grow to embrace opportunities for love in my life? How can I find happiness and fulfillment when I am single and not in a relationship? What you might notice about these questions is they they help us to reflect on ourselves. In many ways the answers that are given will open up more questions as we integrate the information from the reading. The tarot reading is just the beginning of the process of growth that is set in motion the moment that you send that email or make the call to book in. 


Surefire Tip #2 Time is not a clock

Some of the most common questions posed to the tarot revolve around the big question of When. When will I find 'The One' , When will I find my perfect home, When will I get that promotion I have been working so hard for. Sure Tarot is historically for fortune telling, correspondences from numerology and astrology can fuel our speculations but the tarot shows us that the future is not set. That time is not linear.  We humans are blessed with free will and freedom of choice and the tarot only reveals to us the possible future. So instead of asking when something will happen we can reframe our questions, this is where the tarot becomes a tool for really helping us to manifest what we want. We can ask WHAT do I need to do and HOW can I bring about the outcome.


So if you are angling for that promotion at work we can ask the tarot for tips to help us improve our prospects like What are my best qualities that I can emphasize to succeed in my chosen career path? How can best I influence people who hold positions of power to achieve my goals? Who are my best allies? How can I best respond to obstacles or set backs?


Surefire tip #3 Relax and be open to possibilities

Often people come to the tarot in a time of crisis or a period of uncertainty. In this distressed state some people will call their trusted tarot reader for an emergency session and show up anxious, frantic and energetically all over the shop. When the issue is close to our heart we bring a whole range of fears, doubts and expectations with us that increase our anxiety and close us off to asking the right the questions, closing us off to the wisdom offered by the cards. The best place to be in when you have a reading done is open and relaxed. It is for this reason that at the beginning of  all the sessions I offer I begin with a short relaxation practice.  This can be a simple breath exercise or a guided visualization to help us both feel grounded in the present and centered in ourselves. It is from this place that we begin to formulate the questions we will ask the Tarot. When we relax the body, when we relax the mind and sit in the present, that place between the past and the future we can ask the best questions and reveal the true potential of Tarot. 





















































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