The Aeon- Liberation from the Past and the dawning of new awareness

August 27, 2017


The spiritual energy ruling over the coming week is the 20th of the Tarot trumps in the Major arcana, The Aeon. Known in other decks as the last judgment this card is the herald of a definitive ending and a new beginning, a new age dawning, a new awareness emerging. It seems fitting that with the major full solar eclipse just over a week ago that the Tarot offers us this wisdom of moving on from the past, reminding us of the revolutionary forces that the future holds for each of us if we are willing . This future is one of Love, of liberation, of the freedom of each individual to act as a creative force in the cosmos, for each of us to find our shining power, for every man and every woman, every being is a star.


In the Thoth deck that I drew this card from the ruling energy is that of Horus, the Crowned and conquering child, the hawk headed mystical lord. Horus is said to have the Sun and Moon as his eyes, his power is that of solar consciousness by which we realise the core of our identity, each of us a being who the sacred centre of the cosmos, combined with the psychic consciousness of the moon, the vision that sees that all forms are sacred manifestations of the Divine.  


The Aeon or last judgement is a card of purification, linked as it is to the spiritual energy of fire. Fire has the power to destroy and create anew. This will be a great week for working with this element, to offer to the flames anything that needs to be left behind, anything that restricts or binds you to the past. Each of us can embrace this week the transformative energy of the Phoenix, the mythical fire bird of renewal and resurrection that dies in a flame of glory only to emerge anew, arising from the ashes.  


This week will surely be one where we need to make big life changing decisions and we have the spiritual support to deal with this sometimes difficult confrontation. With traditional depictions of this card reminding us of the apocalyptic ending of the world in which we are each judged for our choices we are being called this week to evaluate our ethical frameworks and make decisions about how we will live our lives in the future. Ask yourself what you really believe about yourself and the world, where have these beliefs come from, have you inherited and perhaps still carry outdated judgements and standards that no longer really apply. Whatever you find there that no longer serves the values of freedom and liberation can be offered up to the flames of transformation.

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