Finding freedom to embrace our instinctual nature- The Devil

September 4, 2017


The spiritual energy ruling over this week is The Devil, the fifteen card of the major arcana which brings us to face up to some of the most hidden, repressed, denied aspects of ourselves so that we can completely accept and honor all parts of our nature as divine, human and animal. 


The deck I have drawn this card from is the Mythic Tarot that associates the Devil with the ancient God Pan whose name means ALL and thus by facing the devil we can understand all of who and what we are. In ancient Greece Pan was a God of wild places who was worshiped in caves, grottos and forests unlike the rest of the Olympian Gods who were honored in temples of civilization hewn by human hands. Pan is depicted as part man part beast danced a wild frenzy with the satyrs and creatures of the forest and thus represents our, untamed, uncivilized instinctual nature that desires to be free. 


Following on from the spiritual energy of the last week with the Aeon or Last Judgement card where were  offered an opportunity to liberate ourselves from the past  and review our moral codes the combination of these two cards is a strong indication that we have a chance this week to continue this week with a particular focus on our morality in relation to our sexuality and outmoded views of the human body. The inheritance of Christianity has left many people with a legacy of shame and guilt around their sexuality forcing people into states of denial and repression. In these states people are unable to embrace their full and complete nature, the body and its natural functions are demonized and the flesh is seen as a form to escape and control. The figures who are held entranced in chains in this card a symbolic of this control and demonization of our nature and yet when we look closely the figures are not truly prisoners, they can choose to remove the chain, to break the spell of oppression and honor themselves in all their parts. This act of removing the chains of oppression can allow us to accept our bodies, resactifying our sexuality and embrace our wild animal selves. 


Over the course of the next week you may wish to consider your own attitudes to sexuality and your body. Do you find yourself repressing your desires and fantasies as sinful, dirty or unseemly? Do you hide your deepest desires for pleasure for fear of being demonized or seen as beastly by others. What would it mean to you to embrace the total of your sexuality with an understanding of your body as a sacred embodiment of your nature as a Divine human animal. You may also wish to consider you moral attitudes toward sexuality and relationships and consider do you unconsciously carry attitudes toward sexuality that constrain and constrict your freedom of expression. 


May your work with the Devil over the course of this week bring you a greater awareness of the fullness of your nature as a being of flesh, blood and bone, whose desires for pleasure are sacred, whose sexual freedom is a holy act. 


















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