Tearing down the Tower- the lightning strike of revelation

September 11, 2017



The spiritual energy guiding us this week is the Tower, the 16th of the major arcana trumps of the Tarot, a card of sudden change that a brings us a revelation of the structures our egos have built that are now keeping us prisoner. By embracing the power of the ruined castle or the blasted tower we can see clearly how and where in our lives we are trapped and confined so we can embrace true freedom through the power of destruction. 


The gloomy appearance of this card along with its predecessor The Devil evokes feelings of fear for many when it is pulled from the deck. With its associations of sudden violent change coming as an uncontrollable influence from the impending storm it is often seen in divination as a herald of cataclysm that leaves people feeling nervous to say the least. But there is a positive side to this card that we can embrace.Destruction is part of the natural cycle of life and the ominous feelings of fear need only emerge for those who resist the inevitability and necessity of annihilation. At times we need to tear down the crumbling towers that we have built up brick by brick, piece by piece, that we have used to hide and protect ourselves so that we can build anew.


The 16th major arcana depicts a scene of violent destruction and its figures appear in a state of terror and desperation. The storm that bears down the Tower can at one level be seen as the storm of the mind, unsettled and chaotic it threatens to bring down the established order of ones mental state and seemingly stable structures one has built up in their life. And while the tower may appear to be a stable construction that provides safety and surety it is within towers that prisoners are kept and princesses confined but unlike the long waiting princess of fairy tale none of us has a prince charming who is coming to the rescue, we each must choose to free ourselves. This card offers us the challenge to embrace our own power as the conquering child, as the priest of the Divine fire so that we can act as our own agents of creative destruction. 


The Tower and its lightning bolt that strikes the crown is an Ah ha! moment, an awakening to new consciousness,  a sudden revelation that blasts the way we see the world and forever changes who and what we are. It is the descent of spirit in a swift unexpected movement that breaks open the small self so that the true Self might be able to emerge. This will be a great week to ponder and meditate on areas of your life where you feel confined and trapped so you can connect with this spiritual energy that will bring a new sudden revelation of how you can change your circumstances. You may even wish to visualize the tower itself, venturing inside its walls and see what parts of yourself are being kept prisoner so you can help them break free.  To take the creative power of destruction into your own hands ask for the aid of deities such as Shiva, Cerridwen, Kali, & Horus, all of whom embody the dual nature of creativity emerging from conscious destruction. May the aid of the divine powers descend swiftly and attend upon you. 














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