Expanding your personal power -The Emperor

September 18, 2017


The spiritual energy guiding us this week is the power of  the fourth of the major arcana cards, The Emperor. As the first embodiment the power of the divine masculine in the Tarot the Emperor can help us to find our own inner power, our own drive and ambition that helps us to shape and create our reality in the ways that we choose through the expression of our will. 


In the western magickal tradition the divine masculine has been associated with order, structure and rationality. The number of the card itself expresses the idea of a solid foundation.When the adventurous Fool is faced with an authoritative power of The Emperor his innocence and naivety is checked and given direction. The Emperor tells the seeker "if you wish to achieve your quest, you need a map" When we connect with the Emperor we are prompted to clarify our goals and work toward tangible outcomes to manifest them in reality in concrete ways. 


Finding our own personal direction, our own personal power and inner sense of authority is fraught with difficulties. The title of the card itself confronts us with models of power from the history of humanity that embody  Power Over. Power over has historically been expressed through violence, coersion and control as a means of accomplishing ones goals and maintaining order. The Emperor can been seen as associated with mythic figures who exert force to claim their power such as Zeus of Greek myth; who suppresses the forces of chaos by imprisioning the Titans in Tartaros. Similary Marduk of Babylonian myth turns against the elder gods and tears his own Mother Tiamut the cosmic serpent asunder to make the form of the world from her flesh and bones. With these mythological archetypes as the backbone for our common notions of power it can pose some difficulties connecting with the Emperor who can appear to some as nothing but an overbearing or at worst violent Daddy figure. But there are other models of power we can turn to.


Embracing Power from within is a way that we can connect with the energy of the Emperor and help us re-vision what it means to claim our power, assert our authority and achieve our goals without resorting to oppression, violence or coersion toward others as well as ourselves. Rather than being told what do by others we can embrace our own initiative, setting personally meaningful goals that can be achieved incrementally. In setting goals and creating our own self imposed structures of personal discipline and organisation, our own standards we can also offer ourselves rewards that encourage us to strive forward toward our goals that truly recognize our achievements and ongoing efforts. Power from within can help us set boundaries, to say no to habits and behaviors that undermine our overall goals, saying no to short term satisfaction in view of long term aims.  


Connecting with The Emperor is a a process of finding your own personal power and connecting with your own vision of achievement to allow you to manifest your own goals and ambitions.  It is the courageous work of Ares, the pioneering spirit of the wild ram who strikes their own path to victory. 










































































































































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