Ace of Cups-Feeling the flow, finding the wellspring of happiness

September 25, 2017


The Spiritual energy guiding us over the coming week is the Ace of Cups, the root of the powers of Water. Titled the house of the true heart this week will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with our emotional states, exploring the ebbs and flows of our feelings so each of us can be guided toward a renewed understanding of your own nature what it means for you to be truly happy.


The Ace of Cups depicts a peaceful scene, its blue skies and descending dove of peace exudes a sense of calm. The waters point us toward the need for passive reflection and the lotus flowers that float gently atop the surface of the waters are a reminder that when we are connected to the depths of our being we can open to the fullness of our true nature. Connecting in with our emotions through reflection and a calm centered awareness is the key to this week as we tune in to our own emotional tides. As the Aces represent the root of the powers of Water this week will reveal some primal emotions emerging to the surface. Feelings that range from love and joy to sadness and grief may arise for you like strong king tides, torrents of rain or tidal waves.  If you have a tendency to hold back your feelings, to keep them hidden or controlled like a great body of water dammed behind a man made wall you may experience this week your feelings gushing forward at times uncontrollably. The key to this week will be sensing the ebb and flow of your feelings, to embrace the fullness and yet allow it to pass away like the outgoing the tide. If you feel difficulties experiencing the depth of your emotions over the course of the next week connect with this sense of flow. As you sense a feeling arising you can visualize a running stream, waters passing over rocks with ease and effortlessness, releasing any intense feelings into the current. Let it Go, Let it Flow.


The suit of Cups is all about the pursuit of happiness in our lives. In a world that teaches us that we should constantly seek pleasure many feel a conflict between extremes of seeing their lives as a cup half empty or a cup half full. Our culture schools us to evaluate our lives from a position of extremism that seeks to deny, avoid and suppress difficult feelings, ignoring the true depths of our emotional experiences. Happiness is measured by external achievement and the absence of negative or unpleasant feelings. When we reflect on the relationship between water and our emotional states from place of calm and flow enabling ourselves to experience intense emotional states, good and bad we can learn to embrace a much more authentic sense of happiness, a state of being that is found within. From this place we can reach for the wellspring of our emotions accessing the complexity of our raw emotions and diving deeper honor feelings of empathy compassion and interconnection that embody the deepest states of humanity.

























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