Empowering your vision with the Aries full moon: Using magick and Tarot to energize your life

October 4, 2017


The Aries Full moon is time when you can empower your vision for transformation in your life, using the fiery energy of the courageous Ram to move through obstacles, using your passion to light up your heart’s desire. Aries folk are driven, daring pioneering spirits who have seemingly inexhaustible stores of energy, keen vision and heartfelt ambitions to achieve whatever they wish to manifest. In the Tarot trumps The Emperor is ruled by the force of Aries and Mars, a potent archetype that helps us to clarify our vision for our lives and manifest our destinies. When I wrote about The Emperor back in September I laid the groundwork for what is to come with this full moon to help people embrace their personal power, creating changes in your life that are supported by your personal authority. This post will take this a step further to make your vision manifest in the material world using the Aries full moon and magickal use of the Tarot cards through creative visualisation and ritual.


Each of the four suits of the minor arcana rules over different aspects of our lives corresponding with the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth; by connecting with these sacred elements we can create powerful forces of change. Wands –Fire imagination, willpower, drive, energy, motivation, passion. Cups- Water- emotions, intuition, psychic power, creative flow. Swords- Air- the mind, communication, mental attitudes, rationality, logic, analytical thinking Pentacles- Earth-the body, the home, material possessions, finances.The minor arcana cards of each suit is numbered from one to ten along with the four court cards. These four cards for each suit called in most decks the The Page, The knight, The Queen and The King represent the archetypal spiritual energies of each suit, showing their genesis as a new impulse in the Page, the energy of the element in action with the Knight, the containment and nurturing of the energy to bring their form into manifestation in the Queen and finally the ultimate manifestation of the energy of each element in a balanced form as embodied by the King. To use an analogy from the earth element the Page is the seed, filled with all potential, the knight is the act of tending the earth, preparing the soil and doing the actual planting, the Queen is the tending of the seed as it becomes a tender growing plant, she knows when it needs water, fresh food, weeds removed and companion plans to help it grow; The king is the harvest, the fruit and the grain that feeds the land, the vision or need made manifest. Working magick with the Court Cards can help you to unleash fresh energy into your life from its initial stage of having a new idea to its completion and material manifestation in the world of form.


Magick is the ability to create change in ourselves and the world in accordance with our Will using the power of our imagination and empowered desire. Magick sees all things as living beings that we can work with as allies. Each of the seventy eight cards of the Tarot can be seen as a spiritual energy, an entity manifested in images and symbols within each card. The court cards also known as people cards lend themselves particularly to this view of the Tarot, with their human forms they can be easily seen as beings who embody the energy of the suit that you can connect with empower your vision and achieve your purpose. The technique suggested here is a form of Trancevision using creative visualization as a powerful way that you can unleash the transformative energy of the Tarot to create change in your life.


To work with them to achieve your desire choose the suit and appropriate court cards you wish to work with and find a space where you will be undisturbed, where you can relax, quiet your mind and focus your energy. You might even wish to light some candles in the colour of the element you are working with such as red for fire, blue for water, white or yellow for air, green, brown or black for earth. You may also wish to add to some incense or essential oils, using a scent that reminds you of the element you are working with. As you make any preparations of your space in this way keep your mind on your intention, laying the cards you have chosen in front of you. Sit comfortably and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to deeply and completely relax, grounding yourself into the time and space that you are in. Connect in your mind and your body with the earth below you and the sky above you, feeling yourself at the centre of time and space. Gaze into the cards as a group and then one by one and visualise your intent coming into being, see its beginning and focus your vision on the Page. As you connect with the Page see yourself in your mind’s eye surrounded by the environment of the card, reaching out use your senses and call the Page to you, ask for his help and allow your vision to shift to the Knight. As you connect with the Knight see yourself taking the actions that embody the fulfilment of your intent, perhaps the knight shows you a direction you need to take or gives you a tool that will help you to achieve your purpose. Allow your vision to progress, the Knight leading your beyond his realm to the feet of the Queen, as you connect with the Queen she gives you advice on how you can achieve your purpose, perhaps evoking a new potential within you that will support the achievement of your goals. Finally the Queen points the way to the King, as you meet him you see your future laid out before you, you ask for his aid and he offers you a blessing, an acknowledgement of some type that affirms that you will achieve your goal to transform your life and fulfil your desires. To end your ritual thank each of the beings you have worked with and ask for a final blessing. Bring your awareness gently back into the present moment, your body and your physical surroundings.


I hope you find this way of working with the Court cards an inspiring and enchanting experience that helps you to manifest your hearts desires and work with the Tarot cards in a new way. I would love to hear your stories and visions of any work and results you manifest and if you have any questions about this process feel free to get in touch. .   



















































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