Striving toward our vision with passionate purpose

October 9, 2017


The three of wands is the energy ruling over this week following hot on the heels of the Aries Full moon it is a card of expansion and a willingness to set out on journey to unknown territory. If you can focus clearly on your vision, using your imagination, your fiery energy and be willing to take risks in the spirit of adventure you will accomplish what you set out to achieve.


The three in the tarot and in qablistic thought is a first stage of completion, a work in progress that will require a resolute commitment, steadfastness and powerful purpose to achieve ones goals. The vision that you have been creating, giving energy to through willful intention has progressed to a point where you need to move beyond your comfort zone, standing on the edge of new possibilities you need to make decisions about your journey


Standing on the edge of a cliff and looking out into the sea of possibilities can at times be daunting. Self-doubt, fear of the unknown and an uncertainty of whether or not you will achieve your purpose can undermine intentions. The sunny skies of the card remind us to be positive and the golden ocean that lies below is the waters reflecting the dawn, the promise of new energy and fulfilment. To vision our way forward with intentions of willingness and pure will is the key “for pure will, unassuaged of purpose and delivered from the lust of result is in everway perfect”. This is where the spirit of adventure comes in. To hold to our vision and yet let go of our attachments to the outcomes. To trust that when we set strong intentions, that if our desire is true and in alignment with the universe we can manifest what we dream of in our hearts.


With the many uncertainties that lie ahead and the alignment of this card with vision and foresight this is a perfect week to look at opportunities that will aid you on your journey. Gather your resources to you, take stock and also take some time to think outside the box. Perhaps there is something new for you to learn, a skill to practice or a person who can offer you help. You might like to pull a tarot card to ask what opportunities for the expansion of your plans that are hidden from the view of the conscious mind.


On a spiritual level this card is about navigating unknown territory on a quest toward the mountain that lies in the distance. We are being called to step beyond the boundaries of what we know and trust, to explore ourselves, mapping unknown lands and taking risks. Along the journey to the mountain that represents enlightenment we may meet allies who can offer guidance on paths unknown or others who may offer distractions, leading us away from our personal truth. As the title of this card is the Lord of Virtue we are reminded that the spiritual quest is all about the growth of our personal strengths. The latin root of Virtue is Virtus meaning valor, merit and moral perfection and thus the expansive adventure that lies ahead will cultivate these qualities in the seeker. Each choice we make along the way helps us to learn value of discernment,  the importance of trusting the foresight of our visions and the need for passionate purpose to guide our way.  
















going forward and what further resources you may require to keep your passion burning, what is required to fuel your energetic reserves. As the figure shown in the Rider Waite Smith Deck shows us you are at a point where you are standing on a cliff, an edge of possibilities and many new opportunities and possible pitfalls lie ahead.

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