Turning inwards for mental clarity-The two of swords

October 23, 2017



This week we are offered the guidance of the two of swords prompting us to find stillness & poise as we face difficulties in our lives. As trouble & strife emerge we are offered here the guidance that the answers and peace we seek will be found by turning inwards to access calm states of mental clarity . This mental clarity will allow us to make decisions with the sharpness of our balanced intellect and communicate clearly with others. 


The image of the Rider Waite Smith deck shows a woman who is blindfolded and balancing two swords. The suit of swords from a divinatory point of view is an indicator of the emergence of trouble and strife in ones life. With the twos being all about communication and choices we are up for some challenges in the way we interact with others using words, both written and verbal. One of the traditional titles of this card, The lord of peace or truce suggests that this week we need to consider our words carefully to keep the peace with others. The posture of the figure with the arms crossed over the chest is a pose of protection, a closing off the heart so rather than tuning into our emotions we are being shown here literally not to take things to heart and to use our heads in our decision making processes.  


The energy of this card is one of poise and stillness, a turning inwards to find peace of mind. The blindfold is a self imposed devise used to still the mind and limit external stimulus so that we can seek answers from within.  The scene of self imposed isolation also suggests a period of time where a turn away from the world is required, a balanced approach is needed to seek clarification on a difficult issue one is facing in their life. Taking time out in meditation over the course of this week and resisting emotional reactivity will prove useful in making choices. 


This week the turn to stillness and a reliance on the powers of the mind will promote a definite decision being made to allow each of us to face up to a difficult situation. While this may be painful it is necessary. Like the double edged nature of the sword the card suggests that the consequences of avoidance is that self imposed isolation becomes exile from others. The blindfold from this point of view symbolizes an adamant refusal to face up to things that are us causing trouble. When we are in a state of avoidance and denial we are less equipped to act in ways that responsive and we risk creating emotional blockages where we become reactive, striking out at ourselves and others. 

















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