Mastering Manifesting through hard work- working with the three of pentacles

October 30, 2017



The guidance offered by the Tarot this week comes from the three of pentacles, a card that shows the initial stage of the completion of a project and its manifestation in the realm of earth. This week will be all about continuing to work hard with an intense focus to achieve grand visions for our future. Just like the craftsman who has built a strong foundation and now continues his work to bring his intentions into manifestation each us needs to have a focused goal and a plan for the achievement of our works if we are to be successful.


The three of pentacles depicts a craftsman who is bringing together his art, craft and technical expertise through a combining his skills, talents and experience to manifest a great work that will last beyond his own lifetime. This is a good time over the course of the next week to make an inventory of all your skills and talents, like the tradesman checking out his toolkit do you have what you require to get the job done. Take a look at technical skills you have developed so far throughout your life through study and professional development and ask yourself how can you most effectively use these tools to accomplish your goals. Doing this inventory will help you to see any areas that require further practice to offer chances to hone your skills or perhaps even enable you to identify areas that require further development.  More broadly you can use the following week to examine your life experiences and see how different events have helped you to build skills that you perhaps you didn’t know you had. Doing honest and down to earth appraisal of your life can help you to see how you have developed earthy qualities of determination, resilience, adaptability and persistence that you can bring to bear on working to create a prosperous future for yourself through your creativity.


Along with taking the time to evaluate your skills this is a great week to review your plan for the achievement of whatever projects you are undertaking. Just like the Mason in this card check in with the masterplan and see if you are on track. With the element of earth we can tap into a sense of practicality and pragmatism, using the time over the course of the next week to revisit our big vision and see if effectively working toward our goals and milestone. Plans are achieved piece by piece, brick by brick, stone by stone, nothing simply appears out of thin air. Look at your plan taking into account your short term, medium term and long term goals. If you find yourself not being clear on any part of the plan at this stage go back to the drawing board and create a list of your goals and actions required to achieve them. Have a clear plan and strategy in place so you can evaluate your progress and keep yourself on track when the tasks that lie before you feel like moving mountains.


A further aspect of this card is the need for collaboration and teamwork to achieve your goals. If you are involved in a project that involves other people take the time this week to do this process of evaluation together. Perhaps there are unidentified skills and talents that can be put to use that were not apparent in the initial planning phase. This is also going to be a great week to do a progress check and see how well you are all working together and celebrate this initial stage of completion somehow as a group.






























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