Illuminating your true path and true self

November 6, 2017


This week we have the energy of hope and self assurance guiding us as we discover radiant gems of our true self & our true path. Gaining access to the waters of life and the power of renewal we can learn to shine our our unique light, move in our own orbit and expand our consciousness to sense our true nature. 


The Star is the seventeeth card of the major arcana, offering renewal and clarity of vision.The cards immediately preceding the Star, the Devil and the Tower show us the nature of this renewal and what we have had to encounter to come to this state of grace.  Having faced the Devil, seeing where we are bound and controlled, chained by the artificea of our own fears and failings we find our freedom.The Tower is the great storm that brings turmoil and an awakening of the self, a great revelation of how we have kept ourselves prisoners. These realizations open us to receive the gifts of the Star who is a reflection of the Great Goddess energies that we see in the Empress card, this knowledge opens us to our true nature as divine beings on earth.  


The Star card depicts a maiden, reaching into a pool that reflects the light of the heavens. The nakedness of the maiden shows her tre self in her full brilliance, bare, vulnerable and human. Above her we see eight brilliant stars shining down their light and the maiden gathers up the light as it reflects into the waters. In this act she is grounding the stellar energy, bringing growth and renewal into the green earth below her. The star card thus is a beautiful reminder to call the energies of the great above into the great below, bringing together our earthy consciousness as humans with our divine consciousness from the sky.  


The consciousness borne of the Stars that links us to our divine nature, our stellar nature that reminds us that the beginning of time in our galaxy was born from imploding stars, the the components of matter of literally are the dust of stars. To understand ones nature as connected with the stars is to begin to understand your true self. 'Everyman and every woman is a star' proclaims the Goddess Nuit, the Queen of heaven who invites her children to celebrate their true nature, the totality of the existence and the omnipresence of her body. In her words we are reminded that all things are divine in nature. Witchcraft teachings such as Reclaiming and Faery traditions speak of the Starlight consciousness, not of the higher self but the deep self that sees this divine vision of starlight consciousness welded together in our human animal forms. 



Over the course of this week this card encourages your to contemplate your own divine nature. Like the star maiden who gathers the radiant light of the heavens in the reflective pool grounding this understanding on earth you can reach up to grasp your own divine nature. Take the time this week to go out under the night sky and like you did when you were a child as you see your first star make a wish of hope. Remember that sailors and travelers once used the stars to guide their journeys and center themselves to find their true path.  A wonderful meditation you can do to embrace this energy is to ground yourself on earth, siting or standing then send your awareness heavenward. Allow your consciousness to travel through the sky, past the moon, the planets and the Sun of our galaxy. Continue further, allowing your consciousness to expand to the stars, taking in the light of the milky way galaxy of which we are part. With your own will reach further and further and seek our a star that is your star, whose light takes thousands of  years to reach the earth. With this awareness call its energy to you, letting its light stream down upon you bringing you hope and inspiration. Let it fill you with a knowing that you are truly a divine being borne of the stars. 













































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