Deep fulfillment of the heart-Receiving the blessings of the ten of Cups

November 13, 2017


This week we are blessed with the energies of the ten of Cups, bringing us happiness, joy and the fulfillment of our hearts wishes into our everyday lives. As a card of completion the ten of cups anchors the energy of the Star card from last week that brought us hope and bright visions for our future. We are prompted to focus our efforts sharing our time and energies with our beloved ones and growing gratitude so we can create a seed for the happiness of our future. 


The ten is the completion of the suit of cups, the energies of love, peace and contentment manifesting into the material world.  This  card emphasises the need for happiness to be celebrated with those one considers family as shown by the husband and wife together with their children rejoicing under the blue sky and dancing on the rich green earth.The rainbow appearing after a storm reminds of natures beauty and is the sign shown by the Divine of its desire for our happiness and contentment. This will be a great week to connect with your kin, those of blood and people who by have become your chosen family to share happy times, celebrate your successes and create good memories together for the future. If there has been any discord with beloved ones this will be an auspicious time to resolve conflicts, find common ground with each other and open your hearts to one another. If those who you consider your kin are not nearby remember that we are all connected by the power of spirit,  you can send them your love with a simple loving kindness meditation. Find a space for stillness and repose, holding in your heart the names and faces of those your love. Allow your love for them to grow and visualize this expanding in your heart, noticing its color and shape as you do this. As you release this energy with your breath, seeing it flowing and travelling across space and time, joining with the hearts of your loved ones no matter where they are. 


The ten of cups is a card of promises fulfilled, of happy ever afters and within the ten as the completion of the suit is the beginning held within the ace. To set ourselves up to bring this energy into the future of our next emotional cycle we can turn to practices that embrace happiness in our everyday life. Practicing gratitude consciously creates an overflowing sense of thankfulness that sees our cup as half full rather than half empty. Taking time each day to be thankful for the simple things like the food we eat, the air we breathe and the clothing on our backs can go a long way to building a positive perspective that can carry us into the future. Doing a simple daily practice such as keeping a gratitude journal and listing as many things each day that we are thankful for can help us discover a deeper state of contentment that can carry us through the difficult times of our lives.


If you are interested in uncovering ways that you can bring more happiness into your own life I offer an approach that combines Tarot reading with techniques of holistic human development such as meditation, ritual and spellwork to empower your own personal transformation. I offer sessions face to face in various locations around Sydney and can also offer sessions via Skype and facebook chat. 










































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