Opening the self to the Lady of Nature- Working with The Empress

November 20, 2017


This week we are graced by the third of major arcana cards, The Empress who embodies the fertile powers of birth, nourishment and growth that brings all things into being. As the Great Mother archetype and also our own earthy mother She is the door by which we enter this life. With the Empress as the card ruling over this week we are offered opportunities for new growth in any area of our lives that we choose as well as chances to connect with the power of love in all its forms. 


In the journey shown in the trumps the Fool is the original idea, a yearning to manifest, the breath of life. Through the magick of the Magician, whose masculine qualities of commanding force from the Great above unite with the passive qualities of the High Priestess who is the waters of the womb and the cycles of the feminine mystery of the moon the fool is brought to birth by the third card, The Empress. Her role as the archetypal mother of form is reflected in her placement on the fourteenth path of the tree of life that unites Chokmah and Binah, the gate between force and form. Forming the triad above the abyss she lays the foundation for the creation of reality and thus she is rightly called by A. E Waite the fruitful mother of thousands, the gate of the heavens and the daughter of the Mighty ones. 


We see the qualities and symbols of the Great Mother shown in many different versions of the tarot. She is Demeter, symbolized by the appearance of bees whose fecund power pollinates all flowers and fruits. She is Isis, shown to us in the lotus and the waters of the nile river. She is Venus, the green woman of nature, the lady of love as symbolized by her sacred creatures the dove and the sparrow. As the force of living and growing things on earth She is the anima mundi, the oversoul that gives life and animates all things. 


As the Lady of nature the Empress transmits the force of Venus, that of love, beauty and abundance onto the earth. Herein this composite nature of the the Empress as the Cosmic and Earthy mother is the key to how we can wiork with this card over the course of the week with the tide of the waxing moon, planting the seeds of that which we wish to bring into manifestation. One of the ways that we and  connect with this power for our own growth is through using affirmations, positively worded statements of our intention that specify what we wish to bring into being in our lives. This be concrete outcomes such as a piece of art, a writing project, greater prosperity  or even changes in our consciousness to open ourselves to creativity, confidence and health. Through affirmations we plant a seed within the unconscious. Through daily repetition we offer our intentions tender nurturing and our actions provide the needed nourishment. 


Another way you can work with the energy of the Empress to create new growth  in your life is through a simple seed spell.You may wish to take the time this week to create an altar to the Great Mother. You can decorate this altar with offerings of flowers, fruits , green cloths and candles and this place will become a focal point for your prayers to help you manifest your desires. Each time as you visit this altar imagine that you hold in your hands a seed that embodies your intention and ask for her blessings. Allow the power and prayer to build, calling the energy of the earth into your body. See the seed  becoming fruit and when you feel the time is right you can place this energetic seed into a potted house plant or into the soil outside your home. 


With the energy of love and abundance supporting us this week we have the power to manifest what we truly desire, readying ourselves for  the new year that lies just ahead of us. If you wish to explore your own goals and creative intentions for next year I offer tarot readings that can provide clarity in your purpose and direction to help you prepare. I am available for face to face sessions in various locations across Sydney as well as via skype and facebook chat for people in other parts of the world.  



































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