Becoming the author of your own destiny- Working with the two of Wands

November 27, 2017


This week the tarot offers us the wisdom of the two of wands, prompting us to claim your power, your own sovereignty so you can create the future borne of your own true will. With the blessings of the Star and the Empress in the last few weeks we have received an influx of positive energy that gives us huge amounts of confidence and a solid foundation based on hope and abundance. With the new calendar year just around the corner now is the perfect time to tap into the energy of the two of wands, examine our drives, ambitions and desires, dreaming into our future and make choices about the life we wish to create.


With the suit of wands we are dealing with the element of fire, our drives, motivations, passions and ambitions. Wands is the first of the suits in the sequence of the minor arcana corresponding with to the first of the qabalistic realms known as Atziluth, known as the archetypal realm or the world of emanations. Combining these understandings with the title of this card known as dominion we can use this week to create, to imagine and thus bring our dreams and desires into being.


As a progression from the Ace of Wands the twos in the tarot correspond on the tree of life with the energy of Chokmah known as the great stimulator of the universe. Within this card lies a potent, dynamic, masculine, fertilizing force that we can draw upon to help us envision and create our future as we will it. 


The image that we see in the rider waite smith deck shows a man holding an image of the world, he has the whole world in his hands signifying his ability to tap the cosmic powers of chokmah, channeling it into form through the virtue of devotion. The figure in this card looks out onto the known world surrounding him, he has felt the impulse of the Ace, he has heard the deep call to go beyond what lies just ahead of him and he stands dreaming into the archetypal realm to create his own future.  


With the suit of wands being all about our drives and ambitions this is a perfect week to look at your big vision of your life, your ten year plan in terms of your career and personal aspirations. Take some time out to freewrite as creatively as you wish on where you see yourself in ten years’ time. Ask yourself what kind of life do you have, where are you living, what is the quality of your health, relationships and what are some of your personal achievements you can celebrate. Use this time to dream big, claiming your power to be the author of your own story. Write this vision for your future out in the present tense, establishing the archetypal sparks you wish to create. The next step of this process is to visualize this coming into being. Read the text out loud to yourself or perhaps even better make a recording, as you listen see the events unfolding before you, feel the joy of your accomplishments, the sweat of your hard work and the glory of your successes. 


The final stage of this to get process is to break this all down into short term, medium term and long term goals. Often people lose the potency of their vision by missing out this final vital stage and you end up losing momentum. Breaking our vision down into short term and medium term goals will help you to keep the fires burning, get more fuel if you need it and assess if you are headed in the right direction. Make it a regular practice to check in with your progress and ask yourself what am I doing today to work towards my big vision, to claim my own power and enact the will of my sovereign creator self.  


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