Unlocking the magick of 2018 with the Tarot: Unleash your passion & discover your hidden gifts

January 8, 2018


Late last year I began pondering the numerological  significance of 2018 in conjunction with Tarot as a way of foretelling some of the energies that would be present and offer us their guidance.  At its simplest this year can be seen as being ruled by the numbers 11 and 2, this is derived from standard numerology, adding the numbers together 2+0+1+8= 11 and then doing a further addition 1+1=2. While in most standard decks this will offer us the Justice card,  a signifyer of balance, harmony and a need to make clear decisive decisions along with the High Priestess;  a card heralding the uncovering of secrets from the realms of the unconscious I felt called to seek the wisdom offered by the Thoth deck which provided a very different interpretation. In the Thoth deck card eleven has been switched with card eight, known as strength in the Rider Waite Smith deck and many of its variants. In addition the Crowley Harris deck gives a revolutionary interpretation of the Strength card, with a new title of Lust and a strikingly different image, wherein is depicted not a gentle maiden softly taming a wild beast but rather a bare naked woman known as Babalon who is surrounded by firey flames of passion and sitting astride the mighty lion.


Putting these two cards together revealed to me a powerful combination; this year will be one where we will unleash our passions and discover our hidden gifts. In Crowley's the Book of Thoth he describes the Lust card as relating to the finding of courage and strength, through connecting with this card we are able to embrace magickal power and unleash our passions into manifestation. He says that the reasoning for the change in the title of the card come from its attribution to the qabalistic and zodiacal attributions that align it with the sign of Leo "Lust implies not only strength but the joy of strength exercised, it is vigor and the rapture of vigor"*. Combining this with the High Priestess card who corresponds with the moon, the realms of the unconscious and magickal gifts of psychic awareness and intuition suggests that by working with our passions over the course of this year we will be able to unveil hidden powers, talents, abilities and energies that formerly have not been visible or accessible to us. The High Priestess is seen as the veil of the most pure spiritual energies, she is the priestess to whom adepts ascend to unite with the beginning of beginnings and thus this year holds within it the key to a powerful initiation for those who are seeking the spirit. 


My ponderings on this year led me to consider a special conundrum posed by this method. Using this basic method of addition to reveal a key card for the year the fact emerged that it would never be possible to have a year ruled by 0. This conundrum got me thinking and riddling and gradually after research, some contemplation and synchronous occurrences in the early hours of new years day I glimpsed a solution that I now venture to pose.  A hidden key unlocks the vision veiled, for 2=0 or to put it another way 1+1=0.When one and one unite they do not make two, they dissolve into in each other to become ultimate possibility..................




This is a year that allows us to tap into that state of infinite possibility. It is a year of holy risk, of limitless adventure, of being drawn around and about, of wandering and yet not knowing where you are going. It is a year of trust in innocence, of fearless experimentation and the abandonment of long trusted ways of doing things. Follow your dreams, take the leap of faith, jump for you are as weightless as air, changeable yet untouched . This is the hidden key that unlocks the magick held within  Lust and the High Priestess, by following our true passions, unleasing our energy. our vigor and lust for life we take steps toward to the ultimate initiation, unlocking our consciousness and our own personal subconscious we gain access to the super- conscious, an understanding of reality that we are all one and yet we are none.


* The Book of Thoth: A short essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians. Weiser Books, San Francisco CA 1974. p. 92


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