New moon in Capricorn- Learning to follow your heart with the Knight of Cups

January 16, 2018


As the first new moon of the calendar year the energy of Capricorn allows us to set our sights high for the rest of 2018. By aligning to Capricorns hardworking nature can help us to set goals high on the mountain tops of personal achievements, our own personal exploration and expansion. To help us align with the energies of this lunation and get the most out of the next 28 days I turned to the Tarot to help gain some wisdom.



The wisdom offered by the Tarot for the beginning of this lunar cycle is shown to us in the Knight of Cups. As a card connected to the element of water, our emotional states and our deep intuitive nature we are being reminded to tap into our feelings, follow our flow and connect into our intuition as our guide for life.  So how does this fit with the energy of Capricorn you might be thinking? Capricorn is a fixed earth sign that manifests the qualities of dedication, achievement through hardwork and practical action. Combine this with the knight and we are being reminded to trust our intuition and act upon it so we can manifest our intuitive insights into the world. The sturdy energy of Capricorn can help to ground the changeable nature of our intuitive flowing feeling states and help us bring our dreams into reality.  


Over the course of the next month pay close attention to your feelings, particularly those moments of strange synchronicity, chance meetings and feelings of unexplained attraction. Perhaps you feel intuition in your heartspace when you meet someone new that they will somehow be an important person in your future life, perhaps even a special someone. When making decisions we are encouraged to follow our hearts and follow this up with practical action, start a conversation, organize a meeting or even pluck up the courage to ask them on a date. Maybe you feel your intuition deep in the watery realm of your belly, the space that can be seen as connected with your deep primal self; when you feel this stirring take note, pay attention, you may not know the reason at the time but feel into and trust your instincts. When you feel your creative impulses stirring follow it up with practical actions such as drawing, painting or writing.  Combining the energy of this card with the practicality of Capricorn will help to manifest our intuition, making the messages stronger and more solid so we can act upon them with faith and certainty. 


On a deeper spiritual level the Knight of cups reminds us of courtly love and the Grail Quest, a process of connecting with the wisdom of the Divine feminine. The tarot is here prompting us that we can use this new moon energy to embark on a quest to explore our own emotional awareness and emotional intelligence. In doing so we can progress to states of experience and mastery that are embodied by the energies of the Queen and King of the suit of cups. The capricornian lunation suggests that this is process can be likened to the climbing of a mountain, it is a gradual process that requires willingness and commitment. With the conjuction of Venus and the  Hestia at this Capricorn new moon combined with the Knight of Cups personal quest we will find ourselves being able to act as channels that bring energies of love, compassion, harmony and beauty into our homes and the wider world in service of the greater good.




















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