Integrating the Leo super full moon with the wisdom of the Tarot

January 31, 2018


On 31st of January we have the lunar lady riding high as she passes through the earth’s shadow. At this time of an eclipse and a super moon, when the earth and the moon come closest in their orbit the waters of our emotional tides are stirred to create king tides and whirlpools, torrents and floods. The gates of long dammed emotions are at breaking point and it is time to look at our feelings, our instincts and what is arising from our unconscious so we can open to release and reset. With the lunar eclipse passing the north node we are in a place where we can potentially release a tonne of emotional baggage connected to our personal karma, we can either choose to go with the flow or we may find ourselves forced out into strong currents and find ourselves struggling.  This full moon is guiding us to work deeply with releasing our feelings that have come to the surface and while the waters are churning we have allies that can help us through the lessons we have been working on consciously or unconsciously from our last full moon.


With two full moons in a single calendar month, our first on the 2nd of January in the sign of Cancer and this moon in the sign of Leo we are experiencing the phenomena of a blue moon so it is wise to look at these energies as a pair or a progression.  Turning to the wisdom of the Tarot we can take a look at the two major arcana cards ruling over the se signs, The Chariot and the Strength cards to find our allies in this process and help us see what lessons these two full moons offer us.



The Chariot can be seen as the Warrior archetype of the tarot who offers us opportunities for expansion through self-knowledge of opposing forces within ones personality. The black and white sphinxes that combine figures of human and beast within their form and their alternating colors of black and white can be seen as symbols of the reconciliation of mind and emotions. Thus the work we have been doing at an unconscious level over the course of the last month has been all about balancing these aspects of ourselves, bringing them into harmonious relationship. The Chariot is one card that shows us a type of strength expressed outwardly and offers us the lessons of what is required to be victorious.The Strength card offers us another lesson that is in many ways the compliment of the Chariot, it calls us to find our integrity and courage, an inner strength to face the instinctual parts of ourselves with a pure heart. The image of the maiden stroking the lion is a reminder that to do this we must find within ourselves a capacity for fearlessness and gentleness. When the sometimes wild snarling beast of our emotions and primal instinct rears its head and gnashes its teeth causing our hearts to race we are encouraged by this card to approach our feelings with an attitude of calmness, softness and tenderness.


 A practice I love to work with at times like this is called Kala. Derived from Feri Witchcraft and first shared with me by Reclaiming teacher Gede Parma, it is an in drinking spell using the element of water that allows us to express our feelings in a state of honesty and openness so that we can release them and transform them. Here is my adapted version that I have worked with over the years. 


Take a cup of water and hold it in your hands. Speak aloud into the waters what you feel, allowing your words and breath to imbue the waters with your emotions. Play with your words and voice, letting them flow, allowing your tones to change to express anything you wish to release. As the waters take on the energy of these feelings through its natural quality to contain and magnetize you may find the waters begin to change. In your mind’s eye you may perceive the waters become murky, dark or perhaps even oily. You may notice through your feeling senses the glass becomes heavy or the waters themselves become thickened. When you sense that you have poured out what you are able to at this time you can begin to charge the waters with new energy. You may tone, sing or chant, calling in purification into the water, visualizing pure light or rainbow colors clearing the waters, transforming your fears into courage, your sadness into wonder or whatever positive emotions you choose. When you feel the energy has again changed take the waters into yourself, drinking deep and allow this transformed energy to travel and transmute your body mind. Give thanks to the powers of the waters and the spell is done.


With the Leo moon we have this chance to face our instinctual nature and take time to release emotions so we can honor our heartspace. Doing this we come to a place of knowing that deep down inside we are strong courageous passionate beings who can achieve whatever our hearts desire. To face our instincts is to know, to will and to dare and this is truly powerful work!


If you feel called to work with the wisdom of the Tarot at this time I am available for readings in various locations across Sydney and also via Skype. Just visit my website to book in your session


Photo credit: Tyler van der Hoeven


For more on Kala see Gede Palmer Ecstatic Witchcraft: Magick, Philosophy and trance in the Shamanic Craft. Llwellyn Publications, Woodbury Minnesota 2012. p. 187
















































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