Unveiling your intuitive nature: Revealing the Solar Eclipse and new moon in Aquarius with the Tarot

February 15, 2018


 Looking at the energies of the eclipse and its aftermath combined with the new moon in Aquarius through the lens of the tarot is a useful way of looking at the dynamics playing out through reflecting on symbolic images. The key cards at play at this time with the Sun, The High Priestess, the Star and finally the Magician so lets take a look at how these cards and the astrological dynamics can open you to a greater understanding of your true self, your true direction and how you can manifest what you desire most into concrete reality.  


With the energy of the solar eclipse I like to think about this in terms of the Sun card being crossed by the High Priestess card to symbolically align with the way the Suns light is shadowed by the Moon in the moment of the conjunction of these two heavenly bodies. This crossing in a tarot spread can be used to see the two cards in combination or to put it another way the crossing card acts as a focus point to clarify issues shown by the main card. So in the current cosmic moment thinking about this in tarot terms we have the Sun as the base card and the High Priestess as a way to raise questions that isolate a key factor of the multivalent meaning of the Sun card.  With the Sun as the core issue at hand illuminating the shining self, our Divine selves expressed through creativity, play, joy and how we express happiness in our lives we can combine this with the high priestess in an interesting way that provides a revelation about what this eclipse energy is unlocking for us. The High Priestess expresses the energies of our intuition, our hidden and secret selves and our psychic gifts so looking at these two cards together unveils a potent energy heralded at the beginning of this year through the numerology of 2+0+1+8=11 / 1+1=2. This eclipse is the time of a new beginning around our relationship to our intuitive side, as the Sun emerges from the shadow of the Moon our new found gifts will begin to come to light if we are willing to embrace them. Hidden secrets will be revealed and aspects of ourselves will be revealed through deep knowing.


Adding in the Aquarius new moon energy into the mix we get another layer of the story. The energy of this sign is connected with the Star card, the card of hopeful vision and regeneration. With this energy in combination with the Sun and High Priestess we have the ability to use our intuition to fix our sights on the future, to use our psychic gifts and instinctual nature to guide the emergence of our true selves. The Star acts as a focal point that gives us direction, like a sailor following the north star on through the vast oceans, seen through the light of dreams showering from the heavans. This new moon allows us to expand the vision of our own selves and our own becoming.  With this celestial blessing we have the power to chart our true course.


A final energy arising here that gives us a further element, a clue or hint at how this may manifest is suggested by the conjunction with Mercury, the planet of communication that is shown in the major arcana as the Magician. With his energy of forming a bridge between the realms of the great above and the great below an analogy that can be drawn here is that this moment helps us to unite the conscious egoic self shown in the Sun card with the unconscious or the hidden self of the High Priestess. This union is a potential for the releasing of our intuitive abilities and the manifestation of psychic power in concrete forms in the world. It may also grant you the ability to clearly express your instinctive insights with new found clarity in the ways you communicate in language, both verbal and in written form. Any work you do at this time to set intentions will have a powerhouse behind it to bring it into form. With mercury ruling over communication craft your intentions in letters and speech well for the Magician just may help you to manifest exactly what you ask for!  









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