Tuning into your own wisdom with the Aquarius Virgo lunation

March 1, 2018


With the new moon in Aquarius back on the 15th of February we have had the last few weeks to tap into our own inner guidance and hopefully you have been able to listen to your intuitive understanding about the unfolding future. This process of tuning in, of finding hope and direction for the future is tied in with the Star card in the tarot, it is an archetype of regeneration and restoration yet it is not the promise fulfilled. Hope alone can be a dangerous thing that us to fantastic idealism. The challenge is for us is to integrate the wisdom. 

Here is where the energy of the tarot card ruled by Virgo comes into play, The Hermit. This card is all about self sufficiency & the wisdom of age. The wise one, sage and lore keeper knows how to integrate pragmatic action alongside big dreamy hopes. Here in the southern hemisphere as this moon leads us into the balance of light and darkness of the autumn equinox take this time to align with the energy of the Hermit. Time alone, time in nature, time to tend to yourself, time for connecting with your own medicine, your own unique wisdom gained through your current life experience. No one knows what is best for you more than yourself. 


If you wish to work with the energy of the Hermit at this time you could take the time to go into wild place alone and spend time with the spirits of place. The wild places on the fringes of our civilised world are the traditional places of the wisdom keepers, the sages and wise women. Taking time in stillness & solitude can allow new understanding to arise for you. If you are unable to take this time away you can still take a journey through guided meditation. Guide yourself to a place beyond the confines of your everyday life, visit your own imaginary cave or cottage in the woods & in this place seek the medicines you need to be well & wise. 


May this full moon allow you to find the wisdom you need at this time to guide your life to the fullest expression of your being. Know that each one of us carries the wisdom of the ages, all we need do is tend to it and speak our truth when it is called for. Much love and respect to you and yours. 


If you are seeking this wisdom of the tarot at this time I offer readings in person in various locations across Sydney and via Skype. To book a place visit 



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