Working with the Blood Moon and the Tarot

July 27, 2018


The blood moon is going to be great opportunity for some energetic shifts, especially around releasing limiting thoughts of beliefs that keep you stuck, that keep you going round in circles. I am making some time tonight and over the coming days to consciously work with this energy using fire ceremonies. Lighting candles stored with energies to whittle old stuff away, offering old stories to flames, writing down limiting beliefs and offering them to flaming cauldrons that I might rise triumphant from the ashes that remain. And according to astrologers its not just tonight, we have till the next eclipse in a few weeks to take advantage of this energetic portal.


Looking at some of the dynamics through the lens of tarot the Mars retrograde energies that are powerfully present with this eclipse are related to The Tower, a card of creative destruction that has the potential to smash confining structures and result in moments of revelation of the true nature of your self and your life. On a broader scale perhaps this eclipse will herald the further crumbling of systems of oppression that limit humanity as a whole, that keep us locked in prisons, apart from one another or trapped in cycles of violence and bloodshed.


The Aquarius moon aligns with the Star card in the tarot, with this card we can glimpse our hopes and dreams, learning to follow our souls direction. The bright light of this card is ever so much brighter and more bewilderingly beautiful because it follows the tower in the sequence of the major arcana, from the confines of captivity freedom is truly dazzling. But a word of caution is in order here, the bright lights can leave us dizzy and directionless, like we are lost in a big city. Hope itself requires us to take action to manifest it, to make it concrete, to bring it into the world before the sparkle of inspiration fades.


If you want to work with the tarot this eclipse pull out your deck, ground yourself, center your energies and ask what limiting beliefs do I need to release at this time. As you draw a card reflect on this belief you have and notice what comes up. Notice thoughts, feelings, body sensations and especially watch for resistance or denial. You might like to keep this going in fairly quick succession, speaking aloud as you go and just keep going until you feel the energies become heavy or blocked. After this you can spend some time journaling or drawing about what came up for you. Use the dynamic of the eclipse to bring this unconscious content to the surface,to shine a light on it and let it go. You might be wondering how to do i let it go. Here's the big secret, because you are aligning your work with the celestial currents just hold the intent of letting go and the big energies will help you do the work in the coming days, weeks and months.


If you are interested in working with the Tarot to delve more deeply into what you need to release in this eclipse season I offer face to face and sessions via Skype to help support and inspire your personal transformation. Just click the link below to get in touch.


If you want to read up more on the astrology of this eclipse check out


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