Working with Tarot - Dealing with Death under the Waning Moon

October 5, 2018


Working with lunar cycles for setting intentions aligns us with cosmic energies of waxing, fullness and waning. Embedded within the moons cycle is an opportunity for each of us to work with these energies of growth, ripening, decline and regeneration in our own work of creativity and self- development. Each new moon we start something new, bring it to fullness and then evaluate our work to see if our intentions came to fruition. Intentions are like seeds, Sometimes the plants we tend or the intentions we set don’t come to fulfillment like we planned.  We cast so many seeds into the soil and it seems that our efforts fail and we are left with nothing. It is during the Waning moon phase of the moon, in the last 2 weeks and most particularly in the final week that we faced with the task of evaluating our efforts. At times we need to do the hard work of facing squarely difficult feelings of loss, endings, pain and grief. During these times the Tarot card that most often comes up to help us is Death.


The Death card is one of the most feared and misunderstood of all the Tarot cards. When it comes up in readings, especially those not familiar with Tarot feel a sense of deep seated fear, at worst being scared the card is predicting ones own death. The Death card more often than not is to be read in a symbolic way as a sign of irrevocable and unavoidable change occurring in one’s life rather than a literal death. Bringing up as it does feelings & reflections about endings, loss, mortality, decline and decay when we look at the death card under the waning moon we can begin to see its creative purpose.Its energies feel to me particularly potent and present at the moment as Venus transitions into a retrograde phase in the sign of Scorpio, the sign associated with the Death card and the work of dismantling required of us at this time. 


Becoming the initiator of endings in our own lives is difficult work. We are faced with the same process of grief that we experience when we lose a loved one. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are all part and parcel of the work associated with the death card. When this card appears it is always a reminder to us to reflect on our lives to look for stagnant energies and honestly examine any areas that require deep transformation. For some this may mean endings of partnerships that have become toxic or poisonous. With the sign of Scorpio associated with this card we may feel the venom of the scorpions poison affecting our lives, the sting of grief & loss as we turn away from our past.


In other situations Death may help us to look at projects or plans we have invested in that are not growing; we can use the energy of Deaths scythe to harvest the lessons we need & sweep away the old so we can open for renewal.  Like the snake that sheds its skin we can outgrow our past emerge anew.


If you feel called to work with the Tarot to help you move on from your past and create change in your life I offer readings face to face and online via Zoom. To book a session visit


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