Top Tips for Transforming your Life with Tarot

November 23, 2018


Tarot is a powerful tool that helps us connect with our deepest selves. Its blend of imagery & sacred symbolism is an encoded systems of meanings that can help us to intuitively access our the messages being spoken by our souls, by the divine and the essence of spirit. So much more than simply fortelling the future, Tarot can be used as a tool to create change, to inspire & support our personal transformation. Here are my 3 top tips that you can use to deepen into your readings to create change in your life in alignment with your desires. 


Journaling with the Tarot

When we ask the Tarot for wisdom using a spread or we consciously pick cards to align with our intention journalling is a great reflective practice that can unlock possibilities for creating change in your life. Journalling is so much more than just creating a record of the cards you have drawn and the meanings, you can make it a creative writing exercise that helps you to explore the meanings and let new messages unfold you may not have seen on the surface. 


Free writing can be a great way to do this, no formal structure is needed, no coherent narrative,  no dear diary, no titles, no heading, nothing, Just get going, let the pen or the tap taping of the keys on your computer ( or maybee even your phone) become a flowing process. As a form of free association your journal entry becomes a free stream of consciousness that is akin to an occult practice known as automatic writing. This style can help you tap into a trance state that can reveal oracular phrases pouring themselves onto the page. You might even find yourself giving instructions from your subconscious about how you can work with the cards to support the changes you wish to make and how that will occur in the future.


Creating Affirmations 

Affirmations are powerful statements made in the present tense that describe the change you are creating in your life. You can either allow the Tarot to offer its wisdom to you with a random draw or consciously choose a card and create an affirmation. The key here is keep them short and sweet, stated in the present tense. Make them empowering, make them poetic, make them whatever you like just keep em simple. An affirmation becomes a prayer,  the words become a spell that shifts reality and creates new concepts for the unconscious. Work with the affirmation daily until the change you desire becomes manifest, say it outloud, say it in your head, turn it into a song or chant. Write it in places where you can see it. Your affirmation is a seed of your intent, water it and feed it well until it comes into being. To pack some extra punch keep the Tarot card associated with the affirmation somewhere you will see it, the image and the phrase become a trigger to fire the change powered by the force of the conscious and unconscious mind in combination and bam! you have create Magick!


Meditation with the Tarot

Taught to me in my early days of Tarot this technique can take a few forms that allow you to grasp the deeper meanings and access trance states to gain information about how to create and inspire change in your life. Some might think of this as astral travelling, active imagination or shamanic journeying; essentially you inducing a direct interaction with the energetic presence of the card you are working with. On the astral place as with the mystic realms of the Tarot symbols comes alive, static figures speak and we can have an experiential encounter with the Tarot card that helps us receive messages, deepens our understanding and can offer us gifts that help us to transform our lives. The most basic method is as follows;

  1. Do some deep breathing to relax, holding in your mind an intention to shift yourself to a state of non-ordinary awareness

  2. Get a good look at the card you want to work with and close your eyes

  3. In your minds eye visualise the details of the card 

  4. Use your imagination to expand the image to the size of a door 

  5. Imagine yourself standing in front of the door and then walk through

  6. Explore the world of the card in your own time

  7. Approach figures and ask for aid, gifts, magickal powers or messages 

  8. Return through the door and allow the image to fade.


So as you can see Tarot can be used as its own spiritual practice to help create change and support your own personal transformation. I hope you have found these tips useful and would love to hear how you go. If you have any questions or want further tips add a comment or get in touch. 


Much Love 

Michelle Claire White 


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