Facing fears & Finding Strength on the Leo Moon

January 21, 2019


With the full moon arises our deepest feelings, our instincts are stirred and our primal fears send forth their frightening shapes so they can be faced and released.  The Moons cycle stirs the tides, the ebb and flow of not only the waters of our planet but the primal hidden realms of the deep unconscious. The place where memories lay hidden, from where our dreamings are woven, where are deep desires lay hidden as jewels to be discovered and uncovered. With the full moon aligning with an eclipse all the energies are heightened and we may find ourselves on edge, moonstruck or going a little loony as our nighttime dreams become stronger and our emotional states are intensified. The Tarot offers us through the images of the Strength card  some resources & helpful lessons for navigating this full moon, helping us to integrate the cycle of eclipses that have been working to restructure our consciousness over the last 18 months. Leo Moon reminds us that life is a stage, we must each play our part. The Strength card shows us some ways to get over our stage fright. 



The Strength card in the Mythic Tarot depicts the famous image of Heracles and the Nemean Lion, the first f the twelve labors that earned his redemption and eventual deification. The image of Heracles wresting the Lion shows us one version of Strength, that in facing our fears we can draw them out, conquering them with brute force, determined will and stand with courage to wrestle those emotions that we find threatening. 


The Waite Smith Tarot depicts another version of this encounter with the Lion, the emblematic beast of fear who has the power to tear us to pieces. Instead of wrestling the Lion the maiden embraces courage, approaching the wild creature with infinite grace coaxing it to open its jaws, taming it with a gentle touch that soothes the savage beast.


Here we are reminded of how to respond when instinctual fears and difficult feelings arise. When our animal based survival instincts kick in we react, triggered into either flight, flight or freeze response; the maidens serenity and fearlessness in the face of threatening danger offers a model of response, of calm and peace. 


The image we face in the Thoth deck of Aliester Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris shows us what might be possible when we can tap into true courage, when we face our fears with bravery, when we conjoin the heart and the instincts with firey passion. Titled lust and attributed by Crowley to the path of Teth or serpent on the Qablistic Tree of life, Lust unlocks the balance between might and mercy, drawing out the powers of the Benevolent compassionate ruler of Chesed and the Fierce Warrior King of Geburah.


The card depicts the Woman not wrestling the beast of fear in battle or taming it with gentle softness but rather She is a passionate being who Rides the Beast, commanding it by the force of Will,  unleashing her animal power and offering up her passion in the Cup of the Holy Grail. When we face our fears, integrating our animal nature with our humanity our courage to pursue our passions with pride and fierce lust are released. Like the woman in this card who wantonly displays her voluptuous nude body with wild abandon we too can step into our power, find our fortitude and take centre stage in our lives as the Leonian energies bid us do.  


Michelle Claire White is the Founder of SeekingSpirit: Tarot, Meditation & Sacred Ceremony, She lives her life as a Tarot Reader, Witch, Priestess, Seeress and Diviner


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