The Aquarius New Moon & The Star of Hope

February 5, 2019



For the New Moon in Aquarius the Tarot Card that reflects this energy is The Star, a card that embodies the energies of hope, awe, beauty restored, inspiration and aspiration. This fits so beautifully with the expansive energies of the Aquarian new moon, a lunar cycle of expansion of the Self, of the emergence of fresh new ideas. Along with the astrological energies of this new moon and the beginning of the Chinese year of the earth pig the star offers a blessing of hope & inspiration that we can expand our visions and make them real, even if they seem far away.  


Stars remind us of our primeval origins, that we are all formed from the dust of stars that exploded in a supernova to condense and reform as the elements that make up our galaxy. And they recall to mind the voyages across the seas of explorers of the not so distant past who relied on their light to find true direction, naming the constellations after animals using them as maps of mythic tales. The Stars help us vision the future and find our way forward even when our destination seems impossibly distant. 


 The 17th of the Major Arcana cards the Star comes after a challenging sequence of trauma and tribulation embodied by cards twelve to sixteen. Having given up control, sacrificing the ego, surrendering the small self to death in the Hanged man & the Death Cards the Seeker meets the challenges posed by the Devil and the Tower. Freedom from constraint, manipulation and entrapment bring the Seeker to the realm of the Star card where the magical pool reflecting the starlight offers a chance for healing and renewal. If you can identify with this process named above of dissolution of the ego self faced in the hanged man and Death cards or if you are wearied by the challenges of facing fears and finding ways to dismantle oppressive structures a visit to the waters of the pool shown in the star card will renew your sense of flow, reconnect you with hope.


The Star woman shows us an act of great magick, of combining the waters such as is seen in the alchemical process of the Temperance card is the process of combining the waters of the personal and collective unconscious in a flowing harmony. To embody the Star card you might like to visit a natural lake or pool or at the very least take yourself out under the night sky with a vessel filled with water. Look up to the wheeling stars overhead and raise a prayer to call down their light into the waters, using them as part of a self blessing ritual. You might like to pour it into your bath or anoint yourself while calling in consciously the energies of healing and renewal.

 Another way to connect with the energies in an embodied way would be to use this starlight charged water as the basis for a ritual of affirming your sovereign self, your own identity as a being of the Stars.  Find a starlit place, remove your clothes with an awareness of removing layers of your external identity. Call down the light of the stars into the waters & this Starfire charged elixir will become a potion that when drunk helps you to remember your primeval origins, providing you with a distilled medicine that lightens the soul.


Michelle Claire White is the founder of SeekingSpirit: Tarot, Meditation & Sacred Ceremony. She lives her life as a Tarot Reader, Witch, Priestess, Seeress, Spellweaver Diviner


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