ERESHKIGAL: The transformative embrace of dark Lady Death and the Scorpio full moon


The moon turns full on Saturday 18th of may & always with its Scorpionic shifting it brings new waves of transformation, opportunities for emotional release & the promise of regeneration. Secrets bubble and boil to the surface under this moon so the astrologers are saying, long held dear versions of truth, beauty, love & our material attachments will arise to be seen for what they truly are. Prepare to be rocked and shocked. 


With every full Moon we get a chance to bring something to a peak & release its energies. With this moon ruled over by the deep dark energies of Scorpio  the vibes are particularly about emotional release of anything that is stuck, stagnant & ready to die. In tarot Scorpio is connected with the Death card, the 13th trump that shows us the way to face irrevocable change, opening ourselves to the regenerative powers of putrefaction through the images of the Grim Reaper as the Death dealing scythe welding opener of the way to rebirth. The snake, the scorpion and the eagle that are connected with this card, especially in one of my fav decks the Thoth tarot; these beings  are powerfilled animal allies that show us the way through this transformative process of letting go what no longer serves us. 


Looking to mythology the Goddesss Ereshkigal, dark twin of Inanna, Lady of the Great Below, ruler of the Underworld is a powerful ally to work with at this time. My own work with Ereshkigal emerged from conscious descent to the underworld known as the Kur, following Inannas footsteps I sought a way that i might unburden myself of a long accumulated sense of grief, loss, disappointment and discontent with my life. 


When we are faced with the forces of Death & decay, pain and sorrow Ereshkigal in her shadowy realm encourages us to let out our suffering through our voices. The act of keening that vocalises loss in funerals where people pour forth their grief can be used consciously in safe spaces, alone in the night or perhaps even with others as a way to allow deep feelings we have been holding onto to be released through breath & sound. Ereshkigal is a death eater of sorts, eating the corpses of the death and eating up our sorrows that they might be transformed. 


Using physical vessels for emotional release work to focus on is also potent work as I learned firsthand in my recent sojourn to the Underworld. In the realms of death we may lay aspects of ourselves rest or rot. Or we may unburden ourselves of thoughts, feelings & memories we've been carrying with us that stop us from truly moving on with our lives. For my own part in this work I was able to compost layers of ancestral paternal grief of a father whose life had been forever warped by an accident in his early 20's that turned a healthy young man into a man bound to a wheelchair due to a motor nerve injury. I was able to process feelings of loss and betrayal that emerged from my childhood being raised by a mentally ill mother,  giving away & grieving for her innate incapacity & my own loss of mothering. Doing this work with a bowl of earth before me that acted as a container for these deep feelings  & allowing them to be projected into soil was a potent scorpionic style death &  grief or process that allowed me to shift these feelings id been holding into for so long.


When we can begin to process the feelings associated with death we actively participate in magick of decay, we can allow ourselves to release, to let go, to use the scythe borne by the grim reaper of the Death card to harvest what has come to fullness & do the work of sorting out the wheat from the chaff. We can gather up those things most precious & perilous, we can open our hearts to hold the great paradox of life, allowing us to experience more pleasure, more pain and allowing the regenerative powers of death as life giving to come into our lives.  May the energies of this full moon work their deep magick upon you.

















































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