New Moon Intentions: Using the Tarot as a tool to illuminate what your Soul needs

June 4, 2019


With each new moon we are offered a opportunity to start a cycle anew. After the dark of the moons chance to rest and revive, to replenish our reserves we can use the time of the moment of the new lunar cycle and few days afterwards to reset our focus for the month ahead. So often though our thinking mind can get in the way spinning stories about what is meant to be, over analyzing our options to the point of leaving us feeling fuzzy and exhausted when we haven’t even gotten started yet!


Tarot readings at the dark and the new phase of the moon can be used as a wonderful tool to help us set a focus for the month ahead without getting in our own the way. It is an opportunity to check in with ourselves, check in with our spirit and see what we truly need to put our attentions toward.

First and foremost use this time for an energetic check in. Pull out your cards and ask,


How am I in my body?


How am I in my mind?


How am I in my heart?


How am I in my energy?


Once you have a card for each of the above questions change the phrase to include title or keyword of

the card you have drawn.


In my Body I am …….


In my mind I am …….


In my heart I am……..


In my energy I am…….


Say this aloud to yourself and then begin to use this simple little exercise as a basis for a self-reflective journaling session. The best way you can approach this is by allowing the words to simply flow, don’t edit what you have written, forget punctuation of any kind, just let the words come unhindered and unfiltered. Set a time for each, say 2 minutes at the most to write without stopping, either by hand, on your phone or your computer. This process which can be called freewriting or automatic writing will reveal to you layers of awareness that are sitting below the surface of your conscious knowing.  

Once you have a starting point you can now begin a second round asking the tarot what is needed for each of these areas over the course of the coming lunar cycle.


What does my body need?


What does my mind need ?


What does my heart need?


What does my energy need?


With the four cards that provide the answers to these questions you now have areas to focus on over the coming lunar cycle. Repeat the journalling exercise and fill in the blanks with the following prompts


My body needs …..


My Mind needs…..


My heart needs…..


My energy needs….


Take special note of the distribution of the cards that fall in these readings as a sign of where your focus should be placed. Of the eight cards in total observe if there are patterns or dominant groupings of minor cards, people cards or major arcana cards.


Minor arcana cards=daily actions in your everyday life


People cards = Your interactions with other people, your interpersonal relationships


Major arcana cards= Your spiritual life


These four areas of earth, air, water and fire provide an energetic foundation that you can keep coming back to over the course of the next month. Look out for key words or potent phrases that will offer you guidance in concrete actions you can do to bring the energies of each of these cards into your life. Focus especially on what is the resource, blessing or gift this card holds or unlocks as a way to draw out how you can make its work unfold in your life.


As a final reflection you might feel called to ask the Tarot and your deep self what is the outcome of this cycle; What happens when you follow the wisdom of your own soul. Draw a single card from your deck and allow yourself time of silent meditation. Rather than journaling on this card immediately return to this card at the end of the lunar cycle in the final few days of the waning moon and use it as a opportunity to reflect on how this energy has shown up for you.  What is important here is rather than making a prediction or placing a preconceived outcome on this card simply allow it to unfold. This final card acts as a way to unify the elemental energies of the month within Spirit, the energy that unites and binds them altogether.


If you are feeling the call to receive some guidance from spirit so you can start this new lunar cycle with clarity, ready to take inspired action in your life get in touch to book a reading with me online via Zoom using the link below



























































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