New Moon in Virgo: Accessing the Wisdom of the Hermit

August 30, 2019



The Hermit is the Tarot card in the major arcana that corresponds with the sign of Virgo. We can take this as a prompt for setting intentions and personal work over the coming lunar cycle can open us up to deep wisdom in all aspects of our lives.


Known by its esoteric title The Prophet of the Eternal, The Magus of the Voice of Power,  the Hermit is the wise one, sage and lore keeper who has acquired knowledge through the wisdom of age & the test of time.  With its associations of self- reliance and turning to our inner resources,  the light of the Hermit reminds us that we each have wisdom held within that can be gleaned from our life experiences, we just need time to listen to this inner voice to help us. The hermit shows us that taking time to be alone, taking time in nature, time to tend to yourself, time for connecting with your own medicine, your own unique wisdom is the way for you to find the inner illumination needed that will allow you to resolve any dilemma.  


If you wish to work with the energy of the Hermit at this time you could take the time to go into a wild place alone & spend time with the spirits of place. The wild places on the fringes of our civilised world are the traditional places of the wisdom keepers, the sages & wise women. Taking time in stillness & solitude can allow new understandings to arise for you. If you are unable to take this time away you can still take a journey through guided meditation. Guide yourself to a place beyond the confines of your everyday life, visit your own imaginary cave or cottage in the woods & in this place seek the medicines you need to be well & wise.


The hermit also calls us to seek the wisdom of our elders. The stories of our elders show us the manifold ways that the human spirit can strive to overcome struggle, can confront doubts and fears. Our elders tell stories of resilience, of how hearts can mend after loss, of how hope can persist in times of trouble. Over the course of the next month take time to listen to the tales of the grandmothers & grandfathers to learn their deeper wisdom so their stories are passed onto the guide new generations.  This is why the Hermit is known by the title the Magus of the voice of Power. By taking time to listen to our own wisdom and the wisdom of our elders before taking action we may each learn to listen to this wise inner voice that lies within each of us


The archetype of the wise one is shown in myth and legend, in figures such The Merlin of Britain & Cerridwen, the keeper of the cauldron of transformation. In modern stories Gandalf of Tolkien’s Lord of the rings and Dumbeldore of Harry Potter shown us how the Hermit can offer wisdom to guide the world in troubled times. Both Gandalf and Dumbledore fit the physical profile of the Hermit with their long white beards and staffs of power. Their actions show us that a big picture vision of events is needed to guide our actions & make wise choices. Both figures believe in the abilities of small people to do big things & are willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good.  


The hermit is associated with virtue of prudence, the ability to make wise, practical sagacious choices. His influence is shown in the minor arcana cards that are similarly ruled by Virgo, the eight, nine & ten of pentacles know respectively as The Lord of Prudence, The Lord of Gain & the Lord of Wealth 


These cards ground the Hermits wisdom in everyday experience, lending the fertile influences of virgo to show us the results of wise action manifesting in the realms of earth. By the Hermits wisdom we may learn our crafts, becoming skilled at what we do. If we follow the advice of our elders we may work diligently to create lives of abundance & prosperity where we have time to enjoy the fruits of our labours. By the Hermits blessing we may make wise investments in our futures, ensuring the financial security & prosperity of ourselves, our families and our descendants.   




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