The Moon and the High Priestess: Tarot, Dreams and Psychic Awareness under the Pisces Full Moon

September 13, 2019


The Moon card ruled by the sign of Pisces is the big energy for us to work with for this full Moon, presiding over the sleepy realm of dreams, visions & fantasies.  We are navigating through murky neptunian territory where there is a potential to get lost in the current, where we can feel overwhelmed by the rush of feeling and the rising tides that cascade from the realms of the unconscious. Luckily we have the guidance of the High Priestess who corresponds with the powers of the Moon in the Tarot to help show us the way, guiding us toward inner truth with her luminous lamp of the night.


Known by its esoteric title The Ruler of Flux and Reflux the Moon card shows us the shifting shapes of the astral plane, where form comes into being through the influence of dream, fantasy, fear and desire. Starting a dream journal for yourself will be particularly potent at this time, seeding an intent into the astral that will shine like a mirror. But beware, for the mirror of dreams, like the shifting shapes of the moon is not what it appears at first glance. The moon is the reflected light of the Sun, borrowed for a time to shine the luminous lamp of night and so it is with the dreamspace. The solar beams that reflect our divinity bend and twist and we may find ourselves cast adrift, lost in confusion at the multilayered meanings that arise from our personal and collective unconscious.


Tarot readings can help us illuminate what is going on in our dreamspace when we awaken feeling lost and confused about what a dream may mean. This can be as simple as pulling two cards for clarification about the dreams intent and meaning. Ground, center and shuffle with your dream rushing through your mind and then draw the top card from the deck to show you what the dreams meaning is. Follow this up by the drawing the card at the bottom of the pack to show the hidden or secret meaning of the dream. Notice how each card makes you feel as you draw them, any sensations that arise in your body or memories of the dream that flash before you. Take note of any symbols that flash out of the card and research them, tying them to your dream to help elucidate its meaning.



Alternatively if you want to delve more deeply into your dream use a five card spread that draws on the essence of the infamous Celtic Cross. 


The first card you draw is where the dream is coming from. What area of life the dream has arisen from will be shown by the suit or major arcana card that appears here.


The second card is what area of your life the dream is asking you to look at right now.  


The third card is what is beneath, what is the hidden element of your dream under the surface of your conscious awareness. What is your deep unconscious trying to tell you.


The fourth card is what crowns the dream, showing what is on the conscious mind at the time of the dream.


The fifth card shows you how to act on the wisdom of your dream, this is the card to embody, to become, to enact your dreams meaning in everyday waking life.  


Active work on our dreams can also be done with others, working with a group of dreamers can help us explore the realms of personal myth and come to see the larger facets of the collective unconscious reflected in our dreams. Dream circles are a powerful place where people come together to speak aloud their dreams, to seek wisdom of others to come to understand their hidden meanings. Charting of dreams collectively can also reveal wisdom that is being expressed through synchronicity, collective symbology and show patterns that reveal the influence of the stars on our dreams.  The usual process is for a group to gather and then one by one each person tells a dream in present tense, recalling as much detail as possible and involving other physical senses and emotional states. The other dreamers then respond with their own perspectives, asking questions that lead the dreamer to explore from different angles they might not have thought of before. Considering the timing of the dream and what astrological influences may be at play can also be a helpful tool for making sense of the elusive dreamspace.


Combining the Moon card with the powers of the High Priestess who rules over the Moon proper and we have a powerful portal for accessing our intuition & psychic powers this full moon. My instinct is that with the Neptunian nature of Pisces and the High Priestesses power to develop Far sight or Far Knowing many of us will be dreaming of past lives and future incarnations. Lady Hecate, the triple faced Goddess who is strongly associated with the Moon card seems to be making herself known in witches circles of late, reminding us of her ability to look backwards and forwards simultaneously. With both the Moon card and the High Priestess combined we have an opportunity to see the flux of forms, the repeating patterns of time, fate and destiny revealed to us. Hecate, the Elder Witch & the Crossroads Priestess of the Crescent Moon points us to The Lady of the Silver Star to show us the way through our personal confusion held in the world to the deeper truths held within each of us.  The High Priestess reminds us to not be swayed by illusions nor spend time being lost in confusion but to find places of silence and stillness within the shifting forms that we glimpse through dreams and astral flight. When we can do that we may to find the gateway to the truth of which she is the keeper.  


If you find youself seeking deeper truth and wisdom this full moon or wishing to explore the realms of how your own unconscious is influencing the possibilities of your future I'd love to help you naviagte this territory with a Tarot Reading.


Sessions are one hour long held via Zoom video confernece. 


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