Balance & harmony in Relationships: Listening to the Wisdom of Justice, The Empress, The World & The Fool under the Libra New Moon

September 29, 2019




With the Sun and Moon in the Zodiacal sign of Libra we are being called at this time by the rhythms of the universe to embrace balance and harmonious relationships with others. With the waxing of the Moon we may bring in changes in our lives that embody new understandings, new ways of being in the world and new ways of relating. With Libra being ruled by Venus, exalted in Saturn and ruled over by alchemical air the Tarot offers us four cards from the Major arcana that provide wisdom about healthy values we can express in relationships of all kinds. . These four cards, Justice, The Empress, The World & The Fool call us to examine how we might come into right relationship based on the fundamental principles of balance and harmony.


In the Thoth deck Justice is called Adjustment, reminding us that right relationship is a process of constant change, a balancing act that requires us to be light on our feet, to be able to pivot when needed. The scales shown in the Thoth deck call us to weigh all our actions, our thoughts and deeds carefully so that we can make right choices in our relationships. 

As the Spirit of Inner Truth Lady Justesse asks us to consider what is our own truth, to speak it with carefully considered wisdom in all our relationships to ensure they are in balance for all concerned. The work of weighing up different aspects of a situation and the power dynamics in each relationship is fundamental to ensuring right relationships that are beneficial. The figure shown in this card is meant to help us recall Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth who ruled over the halls of the dead. The heart of each person upon death was weighed against her feather to determine if the deceased could enter the eternal blessed afterlife or be annihilated. "Keep the heart light to do what is right" are the words uttered to me by Lady Maat in the Halls of truth. Her feather should be in perfect balance with the heart for us to live a blessed life; in other words our hearts should be light at all times, released from feelings of guilt, shame or regret in order to be in right and harmonious relationship with others.



The key to this in relationships is truth telling, to be honest about our needs, our boundaries, our expectations. Honesty with ourselves and others helps us set up relationships that are based on balance, harmony, giving and taking, sharing and receiving. When the scales tip in the favour of one person in a relationship there is a tendency toward domination, persecution, control and manipulation by one over another that embodies toxicity and "power over". When we are faced with these dynamics in relationships the cool colours of the Adjustment card and the Stern face of the Judge express a lack of feeling, the sword is one of violence and we are left feeling cold, cool, disconnected and aloof.  In contrast when the scales in relationships are evenly balanced, when we speak our own truths openly and honestly,  the scales are balanced in harmony and the cool blues of this card conjure emotions of peace. We are able to express values of "power with" as the essence of our relationships and these supportive ways of being with others allow us to call up and express our own "power from within". 


The Empress, The World and The Fool cards offer us some further wisdom that can help us have evaluate our relationships over the Libra Sun and Moon cycle. Following the wisdom of each card we can consider how our relationships align with these values and make changes to ensure we are in right relationship for the highest good of all. The Fool reminds us to be free, to take risks with our hearts, to treat relationships as great adventures, seeing each person we meet and co-mingle our energies with as a partner on the journey that unfolds before our feet together. While the journeys we take with others may not last forever, whether they are ones of love, work or friendship The Empress, Lady of the Green Earth, Sweet and sensual goddess of Love and beauty reminds us to base our relationships on care for ourselves and care for the Earth. When we base our relationships on these values we plant seeds of sweetness that can nourish and sustain us in troubled times.  With these fruits we may step into life, The World calls us to be individuated whole beings, complete unto ourselves, who each bring our whole vulnerable selves to relationships as part of a great dance of relating. In this kind of relating we celebrate ourselves and we celebrate each other wholeheartedly.  With this wisdom we may learn to see to see all relationships and their shifting dynamics as a unfolding journey that lead us to know more deeply about ourselves and the mysteries of life.

images Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter



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