Contemplating The Lord of Change as the decade turns: reflections on the 2 of pentacles

December 24, 2019


The two of pentacles known as The Lord of Change rules between 22nd of December until the end of this current calendar year. Taking some time to contemplate all the changes we've been through over the course of 2019 will yield multifaceted insights that can set us up well for the beginning of 2020. On a surface level this feels incredibly obvious, after all its our natural tendency at the end of a year and indeed a decade to begin to align with the energy of Janus, that double faced roman God who stood as a marker between years, one face towards the past and another towards the future. If we delve a little more deeply into the symbolism of the 2 of pentacles we may uncover some gems that lie below the surface.

On one hand the two of pentacles asked us to consider how we have managed our resources this year, how have we juggled our finances, our physical energies. With the festive season upon us how are you managing the juggling act of socializing, spending time with friends, family and beloved ones. One way of feeling into whether you are in right relationship with the movements and currents of change, if you are moving with the currents rather than swimming against them there will be feelings of joy and conviviality, a natural desire to share time with others, enjoyment will arise with ease. On the other side of things if you have found the waves of change difficult to navigate this year what you might notice is a feeling of irritability, a deep desire to retreat, to avoid interactions. Whatever you are noticing treat yourself with kindness, compassion and understanding; take some gentle breaths and just allow what is to be. The past cannot be changed at this point but we can allow ourselves to be as present as possible, letting those flows of anxiety and tension move over and past us.


Take some time perhaps to feel into this in an embodied way. Shifting between your feet to seek for a point of balance. , cycling backwards and forwards, side to side in a perpetual motion. Is this act of juggling in the flow, an easy rhythm for you or perhaps you find the jig you are doing is making you giddy and exhausted.


On the other hand the two of disks prompts us to feel more deeply into the nature of change in our lives over the course of the last year. The universe is in a state of constant flux and we are perpetually moving between inner and outer states. The infinity symbol and urobouros serpent and the Mobius strip are all reminders of this.

What has been the balance for you?


Have you spent more time in Yang outwardly focused energy this year?


What time has you spent in Yin, that inward looking open and receptive state where new ideas and are nurtured in the dark of stillness?


What has emerged from this flux?


What have you learned about change?


I don't have the answers to these questions for anyone, but the tarot holds keys, flashes of meaning and mandalas that can guide us into the unfolding of these mysteries for ourselves. What I’ve noticed for myself is that the more I try to cling, to hold and control the more difficult the ebb and flow of change becomes and the question that arises for me as I gaze at the Thoth 2 of Disks is how can I learn to follow the serpentine path of movement, of undulating rhythms ms of inward and outward movements? As I gaze as the entwining snake a curiosity in me grows at what might be present at that crossroads between inner and outer focus, what might be available to us if we learn to inhabit more skillfully those intersections where the serpents scales cross, those spaces between silence and sound, between movement and stillness.  





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