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1 hour session via Zoom $60.00

This spread can be used to focus on a chosen part of your life where you feel unsure, confused or stuck to help you to understand the underlying patterns , lessons you are facing, energies you are attracting and the possible future that is unfolding for you. Together we will look at what is within your conscious awareness and dig deeper to see what is below the surface, what is hidden  from you so you can move forward  in your life with a sense of  clarity  and empowerment to embrace change to create the life you truly want. 

1 hour session via Zoom $60.00

The classic tarot spread is great for reflecting on a current issue or problem to work out the way toward a positive resolution.  Looking at the present and isolating what is the key question on your mind the spread looks at the past and the possible future that is emerging in the current moment. To help you problem solve the issue at hand it examines the resources available to you and offers guidance on what changes you can make to get the most out of the situation. This information will grant you with a new perspective and empower you future choices. 

1 hour session via Zoom $60.00

This spread is for those who are facing a difficult decision,  a troubling situation or those needing clarity on their actions moving forward in any area of  life. Like a piercing arrow it will show with accuracy what the issue is you are facing and will give clear concise advice on how you feel consciously and unconsciously, what to do, what to avoid and the beneficial energies open to you to achieve a positive outcome. 

1 hour session via Zoom $90

A great reading for your birthday, the beginning of a new year or the start of a new stage in your personal journey that allows your to focus on your current stage of psycho-spiritual development.  It will reveal the essential energy of the cycle, gifts and beneficial influences available to you, challenges,  oppositions or blocks you are facing, what you need to learn and how can you incorporate these lessons into your everyday life.  It will show you the outcome of the personal spiritual journey ahead of you so you can live a life in tune with your deepest purpose. 

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