Michelle provides a beautifully intimate, tentative reading experience. Walking you through the tarot in joyful and learned way. I felt contained and grounded throughout as we traversed the year in my reading, with great attention to my individual understanding of the cards. I highly recommend Seeking Spirit to anyone feeling drawn to experience the art of Tarot.

Daniel Watts

Owner of VisionarySea- The Art of Daniel Watts

I wanted a solid direction on the work I need to do with myself. Michelle’s insight is illuminating. Her mix of information, wisdom and advice on direction is both spiritually and practically helpful. I connect with Michelle’s wisdom and insight and would definitely recommend her.  


When I have big life questions I never read for myself. I only go to people whose skill and magic I know that I can trust and Michelle is one of those. She is truly gifted. Michelle not only has a deep intuitive understanding of the cards but is able to powerfully tap into the emotions and situation of the querent to give a far more in depth reading that provides much clarity and guidance around the situation. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and would absolutely have another reading when needed.


When reading tarot, Michelle gently provides powerful insights into both the mundane and spiritual worlds.  Through the power of tarot and her understanding of the mysteries of life, Michelle is able to help those she reads for understand life’s obstacles and discover the hidden power within to journey towards overcoming them.  Being guided by the cards and through communion with the spirit, Michelle is able to gaze into the future and provide insights into what might lie ahead … helping to uncover how one might realize their dreams.

Pete Christie Vice President - Pagan Awareness Network, Reiki Grand Master and Spiritual Healer

Michelle is a powerful intuitive tarot reader.  I am so grateful for the reading in which I gained many insights about my current situation.  She created a environment of trust where I felt safe to open up to the mystery of the cards and explore what my subconscious wanted to bring to light.  Over a period of 3-4 months I have seen this wisdom unfold within my life and am blown away by how accurate this reading was.  I would definitely recommend having a reading with her and hope to do so again in future for myself when the path is unclear.

Shelly Tansley- Art therapist and Shamanic practitioner

I have come to Michelle a number of times for guidance in various situations through her use of the Tarot.  She brings a great wealth of energy, knowledge and intuition to her tarot readings, and this has greatly assisted me through both good and challenging times.  Each reading has been memorable, and her insight into the different aspects and relationships between the cards has helped me make better sense of these situations, and even myself.  Over time, the advice she has given me through the cards continues to surprise me.  Michelle has a sincere interest in helping those who come to her for guidance, and this is matched by her talent for reading the tarot. Whether you are just curious or seeking some insight and guidance through any life situation, I strongly recommend her.


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