For the last two decades I have been on a magickal journey, immersing myself in Earth based spirituality, natural magick, astrology, divination and  esoteric wisdom. I live a life as ritualist, diviner, spellweaver and priestess.

Pursuing a love for mythology, folklore, symbols and rituals led me to the University of Sydney where I studied the religions of the world and the cultures of the ancient past - receiving a Bachelor of Arts with honours in 2007.  


Since then I have honed the skills  of providing safe sacred spaces for personal exploration and spiritual development through ongoing training and personal work.   I have completed formal training as a Priestess within the PaGaian tradition founded by Glenys Livingstone  and am currently  a teacher in training  within the Reclaiming Tradition.  I am working toward building these skills through further studies of meditation facilitation and holistic counselling.  I also act as a community advocate through my involvement with the Pagan Awareness Network.

My passion for magick and esoteric wisdom has led me to work with the tarot as a tool for clarity, self-reflection and empowerment.  I use the gift of the second sight, intuition and trance to draw out the rich symbolism and mythic meanings contained within the cards.  I offer readings that provide opportunities for healing and personal growth that help people to enrich their lives, understand their stories and make empowered and informed choices.        

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